All About The Nations That Play Softball

Various softball nations worldwide participate in this sport to make it popular and well known, so now we will look at these nations and how they have contributed to the advancement of this sport. The Olympics and various participating countries that participate in this exciting sport are mentioned below, along with how they have shaped it in new and exciting ways. 

Softball Nations In Olympics

For perhaps the first time since the 2008 Summer Olympics, softball was included in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. There were a total of six softball nation teams participating in the competition. Only five sports were introduced to the Summer Olympics in 2020, and baseball/softball was one of them.

Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium hosted the first six games of the first round to emphasize the city’s rehabilitation from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, while Yokohama Stadium hosted the remaining games. In 2024, softball will not be played again.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic on March 24, 2020, the Olympic Games were postponed to 2021 instead of 2020. The games were held behind closed doors because of this epidemic. For the first time since 1996, the first match of the Summer Olympic Games was not a football match when Australia and Japan met.

How Is Softball Played In Various Nations

There was a single round-robin event for the six softball nation teams, whereby each group played one game against everyone. In the round-robin stage, teams were ranked according to their win/loss %, with the head-to-head result and goal difference as extra tiebreakers. There was a gold medal game for the top two teams and a bronze medal game for the third and fourth place teams. 

Which Softball Nations Qualified In the Last Olympics?

This year’s World Cup automatically qualified six teams, including Japan, since it is the host country. The U.S. team won the 2018 Women’s Softball World Championship, ensuring their place in the Olympics as world champions. 

A total of three qualifying tournaments were held to determine the last four spots: one for the Europe/Africa region, one for the Asia/Oceania region, and two for the Americas region. They could qualify by winning those tournaments: Italy, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

What Is The Ranking Of Softball Nations

Japan and America are the two countries that once again top international softball teams, according to the most recent WBSC rankings.

As of the most current WBSC softball standings, 69 countries were represented, including newcomers Belize and Chile.

WBSC softball chairman Tommy Velazquez remarked in a news statement that “the international softball family is expanding, with 69 nations and territories now represented in the rankings, demonstrating the worldwide reach of our sport.”

Softball’s return to an Olympic sport has been welcomed with open arms by the six countries that qualified for Tokyo 2020.

All of which are in the top ten.

There were no changes in the WBSC’s top six softball nation teams, with Team USA first, followed by Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Chinese Taipei.

Final Words

It was the job of the WBSC Softball Competitions Commission to thoroughly evaluate, design, and introduce the first global ranking system for softball nation teams. We’ll be looking at the best way to include WBSC-recognized international contests into the global rankings to better represent the 141 members of the WBSC throughout the globe.

WBSC Softball Division President Dale McMann commented, “These new softball world rankings highlight another key milestone in the history of our global sport.” These rankings provide a fresh and exciting avenue for athletes and supporters to show their national pride via sport. They also serve as a benchmark for countries as they design or review their strategic/development objectives.

You should know these things about softball and the nations participating in this sport. 

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