All the game rules that you must know for softball 8u.

Softball 8u refers to the age group where players below eight can participate. Though the game is somewhat more professional than the 6u games, it follows a similar pattern of game rules and regulations that must be followed. In this article, we will discuss the softball 8u rules that are mandatory. 

The general or the basic rules.

These are the basic softball 8u rules to be followed for playing the game.

  • All players of both teams must wear full designated uniforms unless the coaches agree otherwise. 
  • The official ball to be used must be 11 inches with a core of 0.47 and be certified by the ASA. 
  • All players must play outfield and infield within the beginning three innings of the game. However, this rule only applies to regular seasons and not tournaments. If you have special team situations, it must be approved by the softball 8u game commissioner. 
  • All players must get equal playing time.
  • Abusive or unresponsive comments are not allowed. No player shall taunt each other—violation results in elimination from the game field. 
  • The decisions of the umpire are final, non-contestable, and ruling. Fans, players, and coaches must maintain proper behavior every time. Profanity within the game and causing violation is prohibited. It might lead to your elimination. 
  • All the above rules are non-changeable unless the league directors make any changes. 
  • Every parent must sign the parent’s code of conduct, and coaches must sign the coach’s code of conduct. 

Playing field rules for the softball 8u games.

Every softball fielder must follow playing field rules to prevent elimination and play the game without any tension. 

  •  The base distance shall be fixed at 60 feet.
  • The pitching rubber should be at 35 feet from the end position of the home plate. There should be no presence of pitching rubber on the field. The coach can also pitch from the front part of the circle. 
  • The umpire’s decision on whether the player was at halfway or not is a judgemental call. 

Coaching rules for the softball 8u games

Every coach of the teams is liable to follow the coaching softball 8u rules of the game. 

  • Each team of the softball games can only keep not more than four coaches in the dugout.
  • Only two defensive coaches can enter the playing field. They must stand three feet behind the baseline when the softball is in play. 
  • One offensive coach can stand in the first and third base of the coach’s box. 

Equipment for the softball 8u games

Players must follow the rules of the equipment while playing the softball 8u game.

  • Players must wear shoes with rubber cleats. Hard and metal cleats are not allowed. 
  • The batting helmet must have a face guard and be equipped by all the fielders and batters. 
  • If a player deliberately opens their helmet during the gameplay, the team will be issued a warning. Again, if the player removes their helmet after notice, they will be called out. 
  • Catchers must have a face guard equipped on their helmets. Fielders within the pitcher’s circle may not have a face guard on their helmets. An approved tee ball bat or softball bat should be used. The barrel must have a diameter of fewer than 2.25 inches. 

Offense regulations

  • Your team can play up to fifteen batters with a minimum of nine. 
  • A team must be on the field with only eight players but should take an out in the ninth position.
  • Each softball batter will receive a maximum of five pitches or a minimum of three strikes before being called out.
  • Bunting is not allowed. If a player bunts, a strike will be called on them.
  • The team’s coach is responsible for removing the bat from the home plate. 
  • Any player slinging the bat will receive a warning. Each team can score a maximum of seven runs in an innings. 
  • A dead ball will be called if the coach pitcher is hit with the ball during the play. 

Defensive regulations

  • Up to ten softball players can be allowed on the field. 
  • Defensive players of softball 8u cannot roll the ball overhand or underhand. When a defensive player with the ball restricts the lead runner, a time shall be requested at the umpire’s discretion. 
  • The fielder playing in the pitcher’s position must have a one-foot gap within the circle until the ball is hit. 

Final Words

The USA softball rules regulate every rule of the softball 8u games. Not following any of them while playing softball shall lead to a penalty or warning for the team. Therefore, if you are playing the 8u age group softball game, please try to stick to the rules and regulations of the game. This was all about the softball 8u rules and regulations of the softball 8u game. 

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