How To Create Your Own Unique Softball Cheers?

Sports are the best ways to engage in social activities and create unique social bonds. And among the various sports available, softball is one of the most popular. It is one of the most renowned sports in the US, which is the place of this game’s origin.

Softball is a modification of baseball, and it has a smaller field, more innings, more extensive and softer balls, and many other modified baseball rules. But one thing remains the elated joy and incredible excitement that this sport involves. 

Apart from the game rules, another factor forms a significant aspect of the excitement and zeal related to this game. It is the different softball cheers that each team has to pump themselves and show their opponent what potential they carry.

These cheers and chants are a vital part of the game. And in the following discussion, we will assist you in creating the best and most unique chants for your softball team. So, let us now begin our conversation.

Make sure they rhyme. 

Sync is the critical factor for all softball cheers. Make them rhyme as much as possible. However, it can follow any rhyming pattern, such as aa, bb, cc, ab, ab, cc, or sync. But the basal aspect is that the chants must rhyme. Without the sync, the cheers lose their zeal and are not very appealing.

The more the cheers are in sync, the better they sound. And because just one player or person does not chant the cheers, but almost the entire crowd supporting the team cruises out the team cheer, the rhyming sync of the chants makes it sound more energetic. 

One cheer of rhyming pattern aa, bb, cc is-

See us hit the ball so high, 

Scared to face us now, oh why? 

Show us all that you have got, 

Or watch us shoot our highest shots;

You can’t see us cause we’re way too bright

Watch us win this game tonight! 

 Involve physical moves

The softball cheers alone can not create the impact they can when paired with some cool moves! Yes, when you add some calm movements, such as clapping your hands, pat on the back of the next person standing beside you, or scoring high-fives, fist bumps, and the like, it can make your team’s cheers more engaging than anyone else’s. Go creative while adding movements to your team chants. They will surely be the secret ingredient behind making your team cheers unique and inimitable. 

Here’s an example-

Waiting to watch us win the game?

Can’t stop us, oh what a shame!

When you throw that ball to us, 

* imitate delivering a ball *

We hit a home run without a fuss!

* make a player imitate hitting a home run while the others cheer *

Cheers to kids’ teams

Watching the kids play softball with their excellent skills and angelic sports spirit is a treat. Their teams need softball cheers, too, don’t they? Absolutely! So, the trick to making their joys unique but appropriate for their kids is to use simple words and make simple sentences.

The simpler the words are, the better they will memorize and say the cheers. Also, try to make the sentences short and crisp. Also, this helps them understand what they are cheering for, which adds more energy and fun to the cheers. 

Here’s an example, 

Here we run, 

Here we hit

Cheer with us

Don’t you sit!

Once you throw us that ball

Look at how we hit so tall! 

Additionally, adding cute and sweet moves, such as clapping and imitating the words into action, will add more excitement and enjoyment to their team cheers. 

Get the entire crowd involved

It would help if you involved the entire team in making the softball cheers worth hearing. And it becomes even better when you can get the crowd involved with the joys. And how can you do that? A creative way is by creating cheers where there are lines specifically for the team, and there are lines specifically for the crowd to chant. The sentences must be such that the public unfamiliar with your team cheer can chant back the lines effortlessly. 

Here’s an example, 

*the team chants* Who are we?

“The crowd cheers the team name*

*the team chants* Who are we?

“The crowd cheers the team name*

That’s right, yes, you heard the right,

We’ll win for sure, without a fight,

Why’s that y’all look so uptight? 

Maybe, ’cause you don’t stand a chance tonight!

Final words 

Enjoy your game to the fullest, and cry out your team cheers the loudest! So, these are some ways to help you create the best and most unique cheers for your softball team. You can look through each of the tips and merge them to make a more inimitable cheer for your team. 

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