Know The Ordinary Rules Of Softball 6u Of The Oakhill Youth Softball Association

The softball 6u is designated for kids of age 5 and 6 years. They are not allowed to play with baseball bats; instead, they use a t-ball batting tee. The 6u softball games are aimed at developing and providing instructions to beginners, and it also includes strategy and gameplay advice to experienced players. In the softball 6u games, ten players are spread across the defensive field while one player bats. 

No stealing of bases or leading off is allowed in the game. The softball 6u games are played with two mandatory defensive rules. Additionally, every team must use an infield position fielder in each match. They are a catcher, P, 1B, SS, 2B, and 3B. In 6u softball games, maximum of four coaches are allowed in the dugout for respective games. Every coach of the softball teams are 

What are the equipment rules for the 6u softball age group?

Several rules are mandatory to follow for the 6u age group. 

  • They are not allowed to play with baseball bats. 
  • The younger participants must wear rubber shoes only. Metal cleated shoes are not allowed to wear.
  • A helmet must be attached with a face mask for the softball 6u participants. 
  • Every fielder fielding in the defensive position must wear chest gear and a face mask recommended by NOCSAE. If you fail to wear any of these, you might not be allowed to play the game. 

What is the length of softball 6u games?

Each softball team can score a maximum of five runs per half in the Spring and four runs per half in the fall. Every game is allowed two have a maximum of four innings or sixty minutes to finish the innings. However, no regulation inning ( one to four ) might be allowed to start at the end of fifty minutes.

If the game of softball is tied at the end of the fourth inning of the softball 6u game and if there is time remaining, an extra five-run inning can be played. 

Coach selection procedure of the softball 6u games. 

The team coaches must pass an annual selection process and a proper background check. The coaching candidates for the softball 6u teams are selected before every Spring and fall season. However, a coach can become a head coach of the tram only once every season but can be an assistant coach of any other team if the team decides to. 

How many times will a team play?

During the spring season, every team is allowed to play thrice during the pre-declared season, whereas four times during regular seasons. Every team will have a two-week day game, a practice session, and a one-weekend team game. 

However, during the fall season, the teams can have a maximum of two games during the pre-declared season and two times during the regular season. Each youth team will be allowed to have one practice session and one-weekend fun, mainly on Saturdays. 

Who will clean up the softball game field?

The home and the visiting team in softball 6u games are responsible for field preparation and post-field cleanup. The teams must ensure that the post-field maintenance is performed, which includes removing the trash cans, and that the field lights are switched off before leaving the game complex. 

When are the games played?

During the fall season, every game is played on Saturdays and some afternoon games on Sundays. While during the spring season, every team can play one or two-weekday and one-weekend games.

Games are primarily played in Oak Hill. But due to the shortage of teams in softball 6u tournaments, the games are merged with league games in the Austin Arena. 

Final Words

This was all that you must know about the youth softball association softball 6u games. Irrespective of how the players react and play, it will be an experience for the players between five and six years of age. Therefore, every youth must be exposed to the softball 6u games to learn advanced skills they can implement professionally.

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