Softball defence fundamentals for 10u.

The competitive softball league begins in the 10u leagues, where achieving victory and losing a match makes a difference. The lower blocks of softball games are more fun, whereas you start getting a competitive edge in the higher leagues for the youths. However, it does not mean that the 10u softball leagues for the children will not be fun.

But, you need to learn the softball drills for 10u as your attitude and skill will take you to the professional level of the game, where you need to compete with international players. Therefore, before moving on to 12u, 14u, and further, it is better to learn the powerful defense fundamentals of 10u softball. 

1st Base softball drills.

The best players of the team go into this category. You have to excel at both grounders as well as the pop-flys. You need to position the 1st base softball drills about 5 feet in front of the bag and 3 feet off the line. The essential thing in this drill is catching the balls, and it is because many balls are thrown “out” in this direction. 

The practice for the 1st base softball drills includes thrown grounders or lightly hit by you and your teammates, and it is to ensure that with every toss, they tag the bag. Therefore, this person must have the gloves on and with surety that he can grab them all. This is a significant drill of the softball drills for 10u.

Right-field softball drills. 

At 10u softball leagues, you can consider the right fielder as an extension of the first baseman. The correct field position is a deep infield position, and the purpose of this player is to back up the first baseman. The players at the right-field position must have excellent and strong arms to grab the ball. 

The drills for this field position include grounders thrown or hit to the right fielder by the players. The right fielder needs to make a quick throw to the first. The drills for the right fielder involve a ground ball thrown down the line past the 1st base position, which the right fielder must cover. 

Third base softball drills. 

The most athletic player on the softball team gets this position. The third baseman is responsible for catching all the balls hit to that portion of the field, particularly the bunts. The team’s third baseman must have strong feet and get the ball to the 1st.

Practice for this position must include accurate throws and grounders to the first baseman position. While practicing, ensure that the grounders are thrown all over the field on the side of the 3rd base fielder. This is among the crucial softball drills for 10u.

Second base softball drills. 

Notably, the second base fielder must bridge the gap and not allow any ball to move into the outfield. Therefore, ball awareness and presence must be two important things the second baseman fielder must possess.

Since they remain close to the 1st baseman, they need not have strong hands, but the throws from the second baseman must be accurate. The drills must include fast grounder throw on both sides so that even if the second base fielders do not pick up the balls, they can get in front of them and prevent them from getting away. 

Shortstop softball drills. 

In other age groups like 14u, 16u, and 18u, the best fielders are placed in this position. However, in 10u, you can also set the least talented player in the shortstop position. The balls going into the middle will be tackled by the pitcher, and any ball to the right of the pitcher will be handled by 3rd baseman.

Therefore, there is a small gap left for the shortstop fielder. Shortstop drills will include pop-flys, throwing, and grounders to the 1st baseman position. Ensure that the shortstop fielders get good defensive reps. It might be an easy fielding position for the 10u age group, but shortstop softball drills are essential softball drills for 10u

Outfield softball drills.

The right fielder is there to back up the 1st baseman, and the left and center fielders cover the other positions. In the 10u age group, there won’t be many fly balls. Therefore, the outfielder will need to stay moderately more profound.

Their purpose is to grab the balls that pass the infielders. Practice for this position includes catching and throwing with the infielders, ensuring that the infielders throw the ball along the ground while the outfielders pick it up and throw them back. 

Catcher softball drills.

In some 10u group leagues, the teams do not play a catcher position fielder, but if your team decides to position one, it can be someone with the least defensive talent. The catcher position does not need much movement on the softball field. 

Final Words.

The 10u age group for softball is very young; however, this is the stage where you need to learn the drills and showcase your talents to get into professional tournaments. Therefore, every youth softball player needs to know the softball drills for 10u as quickly as possible to excel faster than others. 

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