The Complete Guide On The Premier Girls Fastpitch Softball League

There are many softball leagues nationwide, some more famous than others. Still, every softball fan has heard about the PGF softball league, also known as the Premier Girls Fastpitch league, one of the most exciting and renowned softball leagues in the USA. Here is all you need to know about this league and its relatedness.

So, What Is the PGF Softball League?

PGF Softball is a travel softball league for young women around the country. Teams play in competitions at all levels, from the local to the national. There are Premier and Platinum categories in the national competition in Huntington Beach, California, every year.

The PGF was formed in 2009 and now awards the national champion in nine age groups. It was a 17-day tournament over three California parks in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Irvine, with 635 teams competing in various age divisions in 2019. 

Many female high school athletes have fulfilled a lifelong desire to play college sports by competing against the best of the best in front of college recruiters since 2009. Regarding girls’ fastpitch softball, only the finest compete in the Premier Girls Fastpitch league. Hundreds of tournaments and showcases are put on the PGF annually around the US.

Overview of their History 

Gary Haning and Dan Hay opened Premier Girls Fastpitch in Huntington Beach, California, in 2009. The organization aimed to compete with the Amateur Softball Association to foster greater competition for bigger tournaments by having teams qualify for regional and national championships.

What Divisions Are There?

There are two major divisions in Premier Girls Fastpitch: Platinum and Prime. The Premier Division is reserved for the very best of the best. The strongest teams in the event will be playing in the Premier division.

This division serves as an entry point to the Premier Division. A lot of teams that aren’t quite ready for Premier League play join the Platinum level. If a team does not want to compete at the national level, there is a third tier, Regional. Sub-divisions do not exist in the Regional division; all units are combined instead.

About Their Competitor

The United States national softball team is governed by USA Softball (previously the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and ASA/USA Softball). It is a member of the World Baseball Softball Confederation, the sport’s international governing organization (WBSC). Aside from that, it’s in charge of more than 150,000 amateur sports teams around the country.

What Is Their Current Situation

PGF Softball, of the most renowned fastpitch softball and baseball companies, has partnered with Perfect Game Softball to provide amateur softball players with a national platform for recognition. Softball player rankings, uniform assessment measures, and national scouting reports will be produced by PG Softball, establishing a system comparable to the one Perfect Game has created in baseball over the previous 25 years.

PGF co-founder and President/CEO Dan Hay remarked, “This revolutionary relationship between PGF and Perfect Game will allow us to individualize our sport by concentrating on our players.” “In the sport of amateur baseball, Perfect Game is regarded as the leader in player assessments and team rankings by Major League Baseball and college programs.

Expanded chances for our fastpitch softball players have never before been available. With this partnership, two of the most influential brands in women’s softball will continue to inspire our young female players and their families into the future.”

With Andy Ford of Perfect Game as Vice President, Hay will lead PG Softball as President and CEO. Co-branding national tournaments to make PG Softball the best player service in the country will be a joint effort between the two industry giants. Each of them will be able to build on the success they’ve already achieved via this new company.

A long-standing reputation as the nation’s leading and most powerful top youth baseball platform and scouting service is something Perfect Game takes great pleasure in, says Jerry Ford, the company’s founder, and president.

The easiest method was to team up with the national softball champions. PGF and Dan Hay symbolize the pinnacle of the softball game. Providing females fastpitch with the same opportunity as this will significantly accelerate baseball.”

A Little About Perfect Game

For over a decade, Perfect Game has been the world’s biggest platform and scouting service for high-performance young baseball, delivering over 1,400 tournaments and showcases annually. At Perfect Game events, college recruiters and professional scouts nationwide attend. Perfect Game is committed to providing amateur players the opportunity to improve their game, whether in college or at the professional level. 

Since of this, college coaches and MLB scouts find these tournaments useful because they may see many good ballplayers in one place. More than 1,400 Perfect Game competitors have played in the Major Leagues, and the MLB First-Year, Amateur Player Draft, has picked 12,776 Perfect Game graduates since 2003. 

All but one player picked on the first day of the 2020 Draft had attended Perfect Game events, and 93 percent of the overall selections had previously participated in Perfect Game events. Furthermore, in the 2019 College World Series, everyone but one member of Vanderbilt’s winning team had participated in a Perfect Game event, as had all but one member of Michigan’s losing roster.

Final Words

You should know these things about PGF Softball and what they are currently. To stay up to date with the happenings around the softball world, you must see this information. 

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